Break The Chains

Addiction is a demonic force that you have invited into your body and soul. The only place it cannot enter is your spirit as long you’ve been saved. Your spirit is where the triune of the God Head lives within you once you proclaim your salvation through the blood of Jesus.  For as long as you remain an unbeliever or unsaved your spirit can and will be tarnished whether you know and believe this or not its the truth by law of the creator. The demonic force of addiction holds the door open for other demonic forces such as anger, guilt, depression, vanity and just about any and every evil thing you submit to under the influence of well,  pure evil. Please understand you are both flesh, (body and soul) and spirit,(God). These three are each separate  from the other.
Your soul, though it is connected to your body, is separate from your flesh just as your spirit is separate from your body and soul.   Simply put your soul is who you are personality wise which is what makes it interchangeable with your spirit.  Your spirit is the God you serve within you which can also be interchangeable with your body and soul if you alternate your service or commitment from one God to another.

Once you commit to serving the one true Jehovah God your fleshly ways begin to diminish. You will only be totally 100% forever free of all flesh and sin when you are lifted into heaven. Still, your sins, past present and future are forgiven whipped clean through the salvation provided to you by Jesus whenever you wish to acknowledge him.  That is the desires of your body dwindle the more you cling to, (serve) worship, (honor and glorify) The Creator. Your spirit then grows to over rule your body and soul if you allow it to. The same is true for which ever God you serve except only the one true God can command your spirit, body and soul at any given time as he is the creator. Only The Son Of God will grant you forgiveness by Our Father.  The Creator has given all spirits the right to enter you as you wish. This is what we call free will. So then if you’ve allowed yourself to be enslaved by the demonic force of addiction along with any and or all demonic force that enters your body and soul and continue to serve it rather than rebuke it you are in turn allowing demonic possession of your body and soul.
Again demons can not touch your spirit if you are saved however, being saved does not mean you are guaranteed to be free of possession. Nor does harboring an addiction signify that you are 100% possessed or influenced by evil. It does however signify that you are pretty much allowing yourself to be or inviting evil to influence your body.

When you allow the possibility of possession you are handing out rights to your wellness and how you interact with the physical world we live in to earth bound evils. This is a God given right. Does this sound crazy to you? If so then you should know that I’m writing this because you like myself needed clarity.  The good news is you can be saved, redeemed and you can be free of addiction or whatever evil posses you. Have you heard the phrase come as you are? This is the one true God, creator of all living things inviting you to salvation and freedom through his gift of grace, Jesus. Continue reading