Still, Inspired By You (2007)

My friend from afar still inspired by you.

Solemnly I lay in the night

With only the light of the moon bringing me insight

Aroused by your empty presence

I take a few steps into complete solitude

There I visualize the faces of many and you

Some of days past others are new

Some of distant memories

Then there is you. Continue reading


You Will Remember Me 01/01/2013

A connection such as this is to infinite to be brushed away by a slight shift in time. It will linger in the air you breath, enter your veins, flow through your blood stream awakening all of your senses and pound at the walls of your heart. Until you let it into your mind and remember, again.

~Giuseppinna Zappulla

Sleep seals the deal without compromise. Binding flesh to remain where it ought not live and breath. Clouding minds with its own agenda of choking the cords that speak words of truth. Limp lie your arms and legs, limbs paralyzed by its promise of rest. Sleep seals the deal with tales of fantasies indulged in your imagination ensuring no restoration. Sleep.

Never lend your ears to its command.

~Giuseppinna Zappulla

Deep In The Fire

Bleeding dreams, hearing screams of demons stream from deep in the fire.
Cast out and stricken into a fissure engulfed of  flames in this maelstrom of  famished dead born creatures deep in the fire.
Silence of guidance fills the air and lingers in the dominant smoke of a vile sound that thrives here deep in the fire.

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An Infinite Light

Once upon a nightmare within a daydream
A screeching scream took all of what was left in me
Lifted upright from a place of which I lay at times
I whispered back, “Hey,”
Towards that screeching screaming sound that night
“Can you hear me?”
For a single solitary moment there was not
A single solitary solace sound to be heard nor understood.
“Who’s there?”
I demanded sheepishly within that REM sleep of that once upon a nightmare in a daydream.
I had to know, who or what,
If any living thing it could be.
When suddenly, in that daydream within a nightmare it howled back at me, “Yoooooooooooooou!” Continue reading

Inner Voice

Why do you place this thing from the depths of the earth before me?
Why does it sit upon my lap?
Have you no knowledge of my will?
Surly this thing is a blinding light to a sensitive eye,
But only a man who wishes to be consumed will proclaim it ravishing.
We do not say to love, “Ravish me.”
Nor do we invite into our house,
A thing that means to tarnish and deceive.
The Lord has granted me sight to see,
Surly you know his purpose.
Why does it charm?
Must you place this lie upon my heart?
If you mean me no harm,
What is this tag with printed numbers attached to your arm? Continue reading

The Dove


Compiled of beautiful chaos is the face of madness and love.
In mid space she inhales her last breath taking it all in.
Harboring light in the dimmest of places, never purging herself of its peace.
Pure and white is the dove.
With wings spread wide across a blood red sky, she soars above, breaking through the blistering heat of this fight.
Leading you with blurred vision, withered weary arms and forked tongs to lucidity, potency, integrity, in flight to infinite heights.
~Giuseppinna Zappulla