Marriage & Rainbows?

Marriage, by the American dictionary definition is: 1 the formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife. 2 a combination or mixture of two or more elements.
As you can see it clearly states between man and woman or two or more elements. So unless you would like to identify yourself or be identified as an element rather than a person, same sex marriage is not an option.
By biblical standards it is simply the joining of man and woman. In fact intersexual human marriage is considered an abomination.

Everyone knows that rainbows occur when light passes through small droplets of water and bounces around. Everyone also knows that on average people are 65% water and light cannot pass through our bodies unless of course God permits it to.
The scientific explanation of a rainbow is a rainbow is almost an entirely mathematical event. It’s based solely on the position of the sun relative to the observer, and as such, has no physical location to speak of. This strange phenomenon comes from the diffraction of light through water, and is one of the most impressive and awe-inspiring sights in nature, due to its complexity, and lack of a non-complex explanation.
You see it is clearly a phenomenon, a God send that can not be 100% scientifically explained.
We also know that closeted gay people historically used bright colors to signal their homosexuality to each other. Which is how the rainbow became a symbol of gay pride.
Again, exploitation in secrecy and deception of a God send.
Yet a few days ago our Whitehouse publically  bore a rainbow flag in support of the recent laws passed to legalize gay marriage. Does this not go against everything we know to be true and just not only as Christians but as human beings who can clearly see that even the simple explanation of a single word is being altered to suit our own personal fleshly desires?
To our mislead non believers this is perfectly acceptable as it glorifies free will. What they don’t understand is that  glorifying a God given right above glorifying God himself is in turn an abomination because it is initially abandoning Gods guidelines. It is abandoning what we are. I do not suppose we should be ungrateful or abandon our God given rights of free will, as doing so would make me a hypocrite. I am no such thing, in fact I despise hypocrisies.  Free will is not intended to support the justification of bended rules. Free will is intended to allow us to learn from our mistakes that we may ask for forgiveness and glorify our Heavenly Father. Yet we continue to mislead ourselves into believing we are in control of our own fait. Listen, if it were possible that our free will could dictate our own fait there would be nothing but illness, poverty and death for as long as it takes for us to destroy ourselves and every living thing on earth.  If this were possible nothing on this earth would survive past a single day. If this was possible the only living thing on earth would be one God and one God alone. The Most High, and absolutely nothing else would live as it was in the beginning before your big bang theory.

Please understand I am not God I am made in his likeness as are you regardless of how you identify yourself.  Though I love my brothers and sisters in Christ still, I do not wish to disgrace  my God therefor I can not support gay marriage. I can only support love. So if you come to me and say to me I am a woman in love with another woman I will say to you, that is fine she is your sister do not disrespect yourselves in that truth and if you do so repent in the name of Jesus who will grant you forgiveness in the eyes of Our Father and make you new as have I, its as simple as that. No not I nor He will disown you less the day of judgment comes and you have not repented. So I must advise you to do so now while you still can.