Still, Inspired By You (2007)

My friend from afar still inspired by you.

Solemnly I lay in the night

With only the light of the moon bringing me insight

Aroused by your empty presence

I take a few steps into complete solitude

There I visualize the faces of many and you

Some of days past others are new

Some of distant memories

Then there is you.

The faces of ghost haunt me

With a whisper they’ve asked me to rise

Here I am


No longer still.

Sleep is inactive

Mind Races

Heart has no beat yet it pounds

You remind me of expectations to be met

I speak of those written engraved upon a stone

What is meant to be is still to come.

With these subconscious thoughts you have lifted something deep within me

Your spirit steering me into such a direction

I want to pause

Take a break

Stalling is nothing new

Rare is the connection I seek and yearn

To be rejected is to disappoint you.

A passion so fierce it calls to me in screams demanding my attention.

Rushing through me like fire that spreads, rapidly it burns.

“Use that fire to bring me to life,” you’ve mysteriously conveyed.

But how?

I plead with you, “How?”

Tears blur my vision


I continue


Your breath a subtle breeze inhaled and held by me.

I close my eyes, still.

Tears caress my face, I tighten my grip grasping firmly my pen.

It’s you but how I plead.

 Through my very own eyes you and I find sight to see

My fried from afar still inspired by you.

They the ghost and you have asked me to share with all something new we may all relate to inspired by you.

A common thread sown among us through heart and hand

Yet Still

Still we lay without sound direction, lacking connection, not fully aware

Still motionless

In Fear

Not I

For you I will

Afraid I’ve been to pursue a dream

Then you


You spoke without rhyme or reason

How I could not comprehend such a glorious disembodied application


Your divine extortion propelled me.

While the moonlight dissipates dimmed is the night

Now in candlelight illuminating the white

Paving my way are the voices of so many and you

Guiding me through

In the momentum of the moment I progressed.

My friend from afar still inspired by you.

Sending heartfelt gifts

Undying is life in love.

To those who knew I say thank you.

Those asleep I welcome you

In turn you see its reciprocity

In time you’ll see I’ve paid my dues.

Still in the night I’ve become ’til marrow

Retreat if you must

Visit again someday and I will listen

Even in slumber I will awaken


~Giuseppinna Zappulla


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