An Infinite Light

Once upon a nightmare within a daydream
A screeching scream took all of what was left in me
Lifted upright from a place of which I lay at times
I whispered back, “Hey,”
Towards that screeching screaming sound that night
“Can you hear me?”
For a single solitary moment there was not
A single solitary solace sound to be heard nor understood.
“Who’s there?”
I demanded sheepishly within that REM sleep of that once upon a nightmare in a daydream.
I had to know, who or what,
If any living thing it could be.
When suddenly, in that daydream within a nightmare it howled back at me, “Yoooooooooooooou!”

Ghostly is the sound of this apparition of my imagination.
If it is indeed an altercation of some sort of miscommunication
I must try again.
Only this time I won’t speak a word.
Not a single syllable,
That any man, woman or child
Could claim to hear.
No, not from my mouth nor tongue will a peep be made of a voice engraved with fear.
But what of the girl?
The girl?
Yes the girl, from which that sound, that screeching screaming sound must of came in that nightmare within the day dream during Rem sleep once upon an evening.
Oh yes, the girl.
Without a doubt,
She was,
Just an innocent.
Stricken by fear, mirrored back at her was my whispered Hey.
Who’s to say she was but a ghost?
A mere apparition or simply just a girl?
When in that nightmare, within a day dream came that screeching shivery scream I was but in Rem sleep,
Frightened and weary.
Yet, with all of what was left she managed to arouse in me a light.
“A light?”
An infinite light.
That sheds rays of peace in every which direction born of her.
“Born of her?”
Yes, at the demise of a nightmare within a day dream she was made real.
Real, in REM sleep.
In REM sleep things that lay within dreams awaken
Just as things that lay dormant sleep.
I said before that I would try again,
Not with the sound of fear.
So that no man, woman or child would hear a voice engraved with fear,
But a girl made real, born of rays that shed light upon the hearts of peers aroused from REM sleep out of a dormant place where we lay from time to time and her name…
Her name is,

An Infinite Light.”

…That’s right.


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