Inner Voice

Why do you place this thing from the depths of the earth before me?
Why does it sit upon my lap?
Have you no knowledge of my will?
Surly this thing is a blinding light to a sensitive eye,
But only a man who wishes to be consumed will proclaim it ravishing.
We do not say to love, “Ravish me.”
Nor do we invite into our house,
A thing that means to tarnish and deceive.
The Lord has granted me sight to see,
Surly you know his purpose.
Why does it charm?
Must you place this lie upon my heart?
If you mean me no harm,
What is this tag with printed numbers attached to your arm?

Is there not a penalty in placing claim,
Upon a thing previously gained?
Do you not see the chains?
Attached to your investment,
Bound and blinded to an illusionists false perception.
Who mean me no harm,
With that tag attached to your arm,
See the printed numbers?
How am I to discern them?

You know to whom they belong,
Discern all  things placed upon your lap with great love.
In great respect to your father,
Do with them what I tell you.
Do not consume nor concern yourself with preservation,
As only the creator is responsible for the purpose of his gifts.
~Giueppinna Zappulla



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