Still, Inspired By You (2007)

My friend from afar still inspired by you.

Solemnly I lay in the night

With only the light of the moon bringing me insight

Aroused by your empty presence

I take a few steps into complete solitude

There I visualize the faces of many and you

Some of days past others are new

Some of distant memories

Then there is you. Continue reading


An Infinite Light

Once upon a nightmare within a daydream
A screeching scream took all of what was left in me
Lifted upright from a place of which I lay at times
I whispered back, “Hey,”
Towards that screeching screaming sound that night
“Can you hear me?”
For a single solitary moment there was not
A single solitary solace sound to be heard nor understood.
“Who’s there?”
I demanded sheepishly within that REM sleep of that once upon a nightmare in a daydream.
I had to know, who or what,
If any living thing it could be.
When suddenly, in that daydream within a nightmare it howled back at me, “Yoooooooooooooou!” Continue reading

The Dove


Compiled of beautiful chaos is the face of madness and love.
In mid space she inhales her last breath taking it all in.
Harboring light in the dimmest of places, never purging herself of its peace.
Pure and white is the dove.
With wings spread wide across a blood red sky, she soars above, breaking through the blistering heat of this fight.
Leading you with blurred vision, withered weary arms and forked tongs to lucidity, potency, integrity, in flight to infinite heights.
~Giuseppinna Zappulla